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Levy's Premium Hunting Supplies


Human Factor

People who enjoy hunting and spend their time and money doing so generally enjoy nature. Hunters who enjoy nature tend to want to protect it. From supporting environmental protection to leaving the woods as they found them, hunters contribute. They also tend to teach and raise their children with a respect for the environment, and a need to protect hunting tradition.

Hunting animals also decreases the population of animals. This decrease is necessary to prevent the human world from colliding with the natural world. This lowers car accident rates, keeps certain animals out of towns and cities, and keeps exposure to disease lower. A perfect example is Ithaca New York and the massive overpopulation of deer. No one is hunting these animals and its causing chaos.

The ability to cull older, and larger males also allows bloodlines to flourish and inbreeding to decreased. Decreased inbreeding means stronger, healthier animals.

Effects on the Environment

Overpopulation can also have a severe effect on the environment. Overpopulation of animals can lead to inbreeding, rapid spread of disease, and destruction of natural environments. Feral hogs have spread across the American South and become destructive to the environment. This is causing the destruction of environments for other animals. The destruction they cause on the environment will also change the plant life by destroying swaths of it.

The only natural predator to this invasive hog species is the hunter. These hogs are moving north and are leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Even now hunters cannot suppress the invasive species, but imagine where we’d be if no one was out there hunting these creatures? We need hunters more than ever to help cull the feral hog population.

Different parts of nature has evolved to work together to keep surviving and thriving. When a species is over bred, destruction occurs. It interrupts the natural cycle of things. For example, deer, when overpopulated will consume so much green matter than the nitrogen in soil is forever changed. This leads to plants dying, or never regrowing, which causes deer to migrate for food. This will cause a repeating cycle until the herds are culled.

Economic Factors

Hunting is also a massive economic conservation factor. Not just a general, job creating factor. The money dedicated to conservation efforts is absolutely outstanding. This money breaks down in a few different ways.

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act
The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act is a United States Act that was passed in 1937. It leveled an excise tax on the production of firearms and ammunition. This tax was passed with the support of the hunting and shooting sports industry.

The benefits of this tax is shared among state wildlife agencies and designed to go to wildlife conservation efforts. According to the NSSF over 7.2 billion dollars has been given to state conservation efforts.

Hunting Licenses

Another massive source of income for state wildlife efforts are hunting licenses. Hunting licenses raise 796 million dollars annually. These funds go directly to state wildlife agencies. These funds allow state wildlife agencies to fund conservation efforts, fight wildfires, and even build populations of animals.

The monetary contributions of hunters have helped build wildlife sanctuaries, fund scientific studies, and even reintroduced wolf populations into parts of North America. Hunters also donate 440 million dollars voluntarily to wildlife conservation efforts. Many of these efforts are supported heavily by hunting clubs, and private outdoors companies.

A Tradition

Hunters have almost always been conservationists. Poachers are not hunters, they are criminals. Hunter respect the land and the animals. They introduce themselves into the natural cycle without causing damage. Without hunters and their conservation efforts we’d be in deep trouble.

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