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Levy's Premium Hunting Supplies


Never Sacrifice


Alpha Strategy is pleased to offer Levy’s Leathers hunting and sporting equipment throughout North America. The entire catalog is available to you; whether you are looking for a sling, bandolier, or leather case, we have you covered.


“We’ve been too busy hunting to care and we apologize to no one. We love the wild, we never sacrifice our traditions, This is our passion.”
Popular culture has told us that hunting is wrong, that providing for our families the way our forefathers did for thousands of years is cruel and inhumane.

We have been told that we should simply visit the local supermarket to purchase meat of unknown origin. We have seen traditions forgotten and self-sufficiency marginalized.

We’ve been too busy hunting to care and we apologize to no one. We love the wild, we never sacrifice our traditions, This is our passion.

handcrafted in antigonish, nova scotia

our heritage

Hunting game – deer, bear, elk, or waterfowl, is what we were born to do. When not in season, we are obsessing over it. This is no hobby, it’s a way of life. Anticipation plagues us. Endurance and strength training coupled with careful preparations are tended to. One small miscalculation before we are in the wild can lead to a failed excursion.

oUR Tradition

Attention to detail and respect for tradition are the foundation of Levy’s Leathers. Our customers purchase our gun slings and rifle cases because they trust the integrity of our products.
Whether you are looking for a shotgun sling for your Remington .870 or your Benelli 828U, we have you covered. Cobra slings for your family’s Classic Timber Marlin, military slings for your AR15, or beautifully crafted cartridge carriers for quick reload; Levy’s Leathers has what you need.

The values that sportsmen hold close to their hearts are the reasons why we have been building slings for companies such as Remington, Browning, Weatherby, and Ruger for decades.

For over 45 years Levy’s Leathers has manufactured trusted products for hunters, never sacrificing our integrity. Quality is our heritage.

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