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Levy's Hunting Blog

Keep up to date on all the latest hunting trends and industry news. 

Caring for Leather Slings

Caring for Leather Slings With more and more products being made from artificial materials the ability to care for leather is becoming a lost skill. Slings in particular are now being made from nylon, cordura, and all sorts of different types of materials. Due to the...

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Adventures With Slings

Adventures With Slings I’ve lived a life that has been intertwined with firearms. From the years I spent as a Marine, to being a recreational and competition shooter, and of course a hunter. One thing that has tied me to my guns has always been slings. I’m an advocate...

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Why Hunting is Important to Conservation

Human Factor People who enjoy hunting and spend their time and money doing so generally enjoy nature. Hunters who enjoy nature tend to want to protect it. From supporting environmental protection to leaving the woods as they found them, hunters contribute. They also...

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Hunt Like a Girl

Women are the great unknown hunters in society If you’re not a hunter, or never seriously been hunting you may not know how prevalent women are in hunting. The typical stereotype is a guy covered head to toe in camo with a shotgun in a deer stand. This is in part by...

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Give Your Gun a Name and It Will Give You Game

Born To Hunt Although hunting lacks most of the ceremony that comes with being a samurai, the hunter and the samurai warrior both have one thing in common: the weapon. Just as a sword is considered beautiful and sentimental to its owner, so is the gun. Guns come in...

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